5 Unforgettable Trails for Budget Travel in South America

Want to hike or trek around in South America, but have a budget constraint? Just like how https://sawinery.net/best-circular-saw can help you find the right tool for your needs, this article can help you find the right trails to fit your budget and quench your thirst for nature:

Carretera Austral

Though Patagonia is one of the expensive spots to go to, backpacking through this trail will not only be cost efficient but will be a trip of a lifetime too. This trail is famous and a favorite for backpackers. Hitch a hike through this trail to not just save money but to meet new people too.


The Amazon rainforest is nothing short of a mesmerizing experience for those who love nature. When you enjoy the greenery and wildlife, there could not be a better choice than this trail.

One can stay in lodges based on their budget and also use canoes for transport. Though all luxuries can be found due to the development of tourism, budget travelers will not be disappointed. As the forest and ecosystem are of prime focus and importance here, people and general life around this forest are simple and relaxed.


Ecuador is a famous tourist spot, thus making the budget a little steep if you want to visit the common tourist spots.

However, if you plan to stay within your budget, you can visit Lake Quilotoa instead. A spot is known for backpacking. Do a brief research online before taking off on your trip, find like-minded travelers and your trip will be both memorable and cheap.


Machu Picchu is one of the most famous archeological sites in South America. Go on a 14-mile trek to the Lost City to experience something that a regular traveler does not.


If you are looking for a local experience, there can be nothing better than experiencing the local transport and mode of travel. Get into ships with hammocks for floors and experience the waters like never before.