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Why I Hate To Travel With A Male Chastity Device

A male chastity really comes in handy when you want to travel and also want to avoid embarrassing and unnecessary erections. This is precisely why a lot of men prefer wearing one or carrying one on a trip. However, there are several problems associated with this device while you are on the go. This article discusses some of them.

The feeling is not good

It is a terrible feeling to wake up to your penis being locked in a cage. It takes you a while to wake up to the fact that you have chosen this for yourself. Most men have very hard erections early morning and with a locked up penis that throbs its way to more pain, it really is the worst thing that could happen to you. Some companies advertise their cock cages as highly comfortable and very easy to keep wearing through your trips but most fail at that promise and all you are left with is a pulsating penis that makes your trip not worth it at all.

Putting on is complicated

Even if the brand tells you that the male chastity device is as easy as it gets, putting it on is definitely complicated most of the time. The directions that were there in the manual when I tried to put on a cock cage on my last trip, were absolutely worthless. They did nothing to help me and were more painful to follow. They are also time-consuming and will only delay your other plans.


When I travel, I like feeling good and free but with my penis in a cage, it is not such a happy thing. I feel like I am bound and the cage itself starts feeling uncomfortable because it is all in the mind.

These are some of the reasons I hate traveling with a male chastity device on. If you still want one, these cages are available over at