Local Cuisine Of Thailand

One of the most wonderful things about the island of Koh Samui is the vast variety of food and restaurants available that is sure to satisfy everyone’s palate. With the tourism boom, numerous restaurants and hotels have cropped up all over offering different cuisines. You will definitely find something to suit your taste or budget and will not have to look too far to find such places.

Typically, if you are put up at one of the KohSamui villa rentals, you will have the luxury having your own private kitchen with services that you can think of being offered. In addition, the rented villas come with different services attached. Some of the high-end villas will even arrange for Thai Food cookery classes if you want, and some will provide you with the accommodation and some basic services like cleaning, in-house cook etc.

Food is an important part of the Thai culture and it is for this reason that if you spend some time around here looking and talking to the locals, you are never far away from a restaurant serving good local food. Not only are there a vast number of restaurants, you will find everything from pizzas, burgers, and pasta being served alongside authentic Thai food. The best of samui’s private houses. If you are looking for a fine dining experience, you will not be disappointed. There are quite a few top-class restaurants with 3 star and 5 star Michelin chefs at the helm.

The biggest and largest concentration of restaurants and eateries is along Chaweng and Lamai near the beaches. While they have some excellent quality, food being served around the area, you may do well to ask around and move a bit towards less touristy areas to find small eateries (small but gems as far as the food they serve are concerned). What is more difficult is to decide what you should eat once you have identified where you want to eat. It is best to talk to the chef and ask him/her to recommend the best.